Monday, July 20, 2009

Who Would Win This Race?

In honor of the 40th anniversary of us dominating the Soviet Union by winning the space race, I've come up with a race of our own:

Full Name Garret Joseph Anderson NASA's Crawler-Transporter System
Date of Birth June 30th, 1972 January 1966
Place of Birth L.A. Kennedy Space Center
Age 37 years 43 years
Years in Service 15 43
Height 6' 3'' 20' - 26'
Weight 190 lbs. 5,400,000 lbs.
Cost $2,500,000 $91,916,294.90 ($14,000,000 in 1966)
Top Speed Unknown 2 mph

Around the bases, I have to like GA, but in a straight sprint, I'm going to say it's too close to call.

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  1. I think both would beat Kotchman. I swear he makes Sid Bream look like Ichiro.